MFA Transdisciplinary Design’18  Graduation Stoles

We have many traditions at TransD family, one of them is that each year, first-year students prepare unique graduation stoles for the graduates. I’m lucky enough to have taken on this task to design the graduation stole for class of 2018. 

I used everyone’s favorite word “Transdisciplinary Design” to make the dynamic pattern out of all the characters and printed all over each scarf. The chosen font is the famous TNS Neue Random Display and the color is TNS red. The final result carries the brand identity of The New School with a focus on the vibrant TransD dynamics. 

It was also a pleasure to collaborate with Alik Mikaelian and Paula Kawakami on all the cutting and preparation tasks. Special thanks to School of Design Strategies. This wouldn’t be possible without all your support!

Alik wearing the very first scarf 

Class of 2018
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